We are, and always have been a prophetic culture. We believe that prophecy is alive and active today, and we celebrate and welcome it. As the Apostle Paul says: “Follow the way of love and eagerly desire gifts of the Spirit, especially prophecy” 1 Corinthians 14:1. We believe that the gift of prophecy is to strengthen, encourage, and comfort the body of Christ. God is still speaking to his church today, both through the written word (the bible) and through the inspired word (the Holy Spirit speaking through people). We have, and continue to, experience great break through by using the words of prophecy spoken over us as a weapon of faith. We regularly make time within our services to hear what the Holy Spirit is saying and allow the prophets to speak. If you have a word for our body, we welcome you to submit it to our prophetic overseers via the Online Prophetic Form

The Prophetic Journey of The Harvest

In 1999, Art Lucier visited  Catch the Fire in Toronto, and on the 5th anniversary of the Toronto Outpouring, he received a word and a touch from Ken Gott.   Art came home and began to pray with Don Froess for an outpouring in Kitimat.  They prayed early in the morning 3 times a week for the next few years.   in 2001, an outpouring took place in Kitimaat Village in a little First Nations church of less than 20 people, with meetings happening for a full 6 weeks, with many people getting saved, and over 50 baptisms.   Then Art began a house group that grew from 5 to 40 people in the next 18 months.   Prayer is and has always been a big part of our call and mission.   As Prophet Cindy Jacobs said -“Not all intercessors are called to be prophets, but all prophets are called to be intercessors.”

Art Lucier is head of the BC Prophetic Round-table, and an active member of the Canadian Prophetic Council, lead by Stacey Campbell.

The Future

An emerging Apostolic church, partnered with the prophetic is key for the upcoming season.  The authentic prophetic voices are being called forth to tell us how to pray, while the apostolic needs to hear from the prophetic to know how and what to build.



Doing the Will of God in the Power of God