Why Worship? – Book Release


We are so excited to share with you that Heather Lucier has written a book on the importance of worship. Now available on Amazon or as supplies last from Eagle Center by request. Buy your copy today!

Has worship become a chore or ritual rather than a spiritual encounter? Are you ready to renew your approach to worship and experience all the benefits of God’s presence? Why Worship takes you on a journey of uncovering the true purpose of worship. Author Heather Lucier offers her unique perspective on the call to the Body of Christ regarding worship today. She draws upon her years as pastor, worship leader and musician to communicate the most liberating and empowering message that worship is not just for the elite or select few, worship is for you! The more you discover God’s intentions for worship and realise how it connects and aligns your heart to His, the more you will desire and even crave it. True worship goes beyond the usual, the normal and the status quo. It transforms how you process all of life’s events and circumstances giving you a deeper revelation of and connection to the spirit of God. Understanding why you worship makes you want to all the more.

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